Accessible Loans!


No cosigners or credit scores needed. We underwrite you based on your future potential.

Always Affordable

You pay us a percentage of your income for a fixed duration of time. You don’t pay when you have a low income.


It is in our interest to see you succeed. In fact, the more you earn the more our community benefits.


Every repayment you make helps us support more Dreamers like you.
Together we rise!

Julia's story

Julia would like to study nursing. Yet, since she is a Dreamer, she is not eligible for Federal Aid that is available for the rest.

After some research on alternatives, she found a post about ISA CHAMP on a Dreamers’ forum. She was interested in this new and accessible funding model designed for Dreamers. After reading the FAQ page and understanding it further, she decided to give it a chance.

Applies for a loan

Julia applies for a $20,000 loan with flexible repayments, to start studies at the Nursery school.

Receives funding

Her application is approved and needed funds transferred.


Few years later, Julia graduates the Nursery school and becomes a registered nurse.

Starts earning a salary

Not long after, she finds a hospital that offers her a position as a nurse with a salary above $40,000 a year.

Pays back the loan

Julia’s income is above the threshold; she starts paying back the loan. She pays 10% of her salary for 10 years.

Contributes to the story of more Dreamers

Julia’s regular payments enable more Dreamers to access quality education.

Together we dream. Together we rise!

ISA CHAMP Philosophy